Tastily prepared vegetables in the house

By | July 24, 2009

Guess what was on the menu tonight?
Grilled asparagus and grilled eggplant parmesan. Also barbecued hot Italian sausages.

All ingredients were sourced from Kensington Market.

Delicious! And a lot healthier than usual, too.

I also walked home from work today again. I usually walk 40-50 minutes each day.

Overall, I am feeling pretty good about my attempts to be healthier.

Well, except for one thing.

I think about quitting smoking every day but thinking isn’t doing. I have decided that I need a crutch to try — cold-turkey won’t work. I need to fiddle with things so the inhaler might be the ticket.

Now I just need to set the date. Is before or after a holiday better? I know it shouldn’t matter but it does.

Damn my 16 year old self — you got me into this mess. You and your adolescent stupidity. You were cute but boy were you a stupid-head.

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