Book Clubs for those who would rather listen to podcasts…

By | May 18, 2018

This is not my book club… we’re slightly more fun.

But not this fun.

I actually belong to two book clubs — my ‘work’ book club and my ‘friend’ book club — but that’s not really apt since we’re all friends.

  • The best thing about book club: I get to read (mostly) fiction.
  • The worst thing about book club: I have to read (mostly) fiction.

I’m not sure how much fiction I’d read if left to my own devices. I’d sooner read an interesting biography, a memoir or something about the future of technology.

But what I do mostly is listen to podcasts. I listen on my walk to and from work, while I am doing laundry and cleaning up around the house. Pretty much anytime I am not talking to people.

Roundup of my latest favourites:

I listen to these — and more — every week. My house is very, very clean and my laundry is always fresh and pressed. And thanks to my long daily walks I am both (somewhat) fit and informed.


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