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Twenty-year-old me would be aghast

Oh, just look at me. Not yet 20 and in my first year of journalism school.


Can’t find me? It was almost 30 years ago — I looked pretty serious in those days.


There I am!

Twenty-year-old me dreamed of being a journalist, reporting from far-off lands, the wind whipping through my tousled hair as I did my stand up from the current international hotspot. Yeah, I wanted to be Christiane Amanpour. The fact is current-aged me couldn’t bear an international hotspot — I get stressed in a crowded nightspot. So things worked out for the best. Did I mention I now work in the deadly serious world of PR? Twenty-year-old me would be aghast, but I love PR. I just wouldn’t have believed it then…



Why is my head so fat?

A quick Google search told me that Bliss’s Fat Girl products are not part of a new line, but I don’t go into Sephora very often, so it’s new to me. fat-girl

Now I have not read any peer-reviewed studies on the efficacy of fat-slimming products, but my guess is that they only work in combination with a rigorous diet and exercise plan — and that the plan would work equally well without the addition of the creamy magical thinking in a jar Bliss is selling.

No body shaming big heads included


I’m not going to write about body shaming. That topic has been covered by many people smarter than me.

If I think about it — and frankly I don’t think about it often — the only part of my body that I’d like to shrink is my head. That way I could get my Thomas & Friends hat to fit.