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By | June 20, 2006

Question: Do you like fishing?

Answer: No, I don’t see the point of fishing. Depending on where you are, you can’t really eat them. And if you could, you’d have to clean them. That’s work and I don’t like to mix work with so-called relaxation. Throwing them back just strikes me as weird. Why bother? There just seems to be no point to it. So the answer is no, I don’t like fishing. Please don’t ask me to go fishing with you.

Question: Do you like sitting outside when it is very hot?

Answer: No, I enjoy air conditioning.

Question: Do you enjoy sitting on a beach?

Answer: In a swimsuit? No, I get bored quickly just sitting on some sand. Also I can never find a comfortable position for reading. Plus, I don’t like to swim (I can, I just prefer not to).

Question: Do you like to go on picnics?

Answer: Where is this going exactly? No, I like restaurants. I don’t mind sitting on a patio with a beverage but that counts as a restaurant. That’s as close to a picnic as I’ll get.

Question: It’s summer. What do you like to do then?

Answer: Wait for the fall. Wait and wait. It’s going to be 27 degrees tomorrow…no more questions please, I’m getting overheated.

4 thoughts on “on summer

  1. Trapper

    In the fall you can hunt.
    How about hunting?
    Do you like to go shoot things and eat them?
    Fill up the deep-freeze with meat for winter.

  2. Christine

    Now that sounds like great fun. I think I would enjoy hunting. I would especially enjoy the bright orange vest and other gear…I love gear. Can I have a compass too? (Note: I have used a shotgun before but I hit some tin cans and not actual woodland creatures). I do eat meat however and know they don’t “make” it at the supermarket in the back somewhere.

  3. Trapper

    I used to know some guys that were “bow hunters” and “black powder” hunters.
    Now that puts a bit of excitement and challenge into the whole production.

  4. Christine

    Indeed it does. It sounds a bit too exciting…where do I sign up for this type of outdoor fun? I bought an orange vest today. Who needs shoes when you can get entire orange outfits? The only thing is — if I actually shoot anything I won’t be able to clean it. I can’t do a fish after all and they’re small things.

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