It was free…why do you ask?

By | October 4, 2008

The last time we went for a peek at our new condo ― we drive by and gaze at the construction about once a week ― the security guard asked us how much we paid.

“How much did you pay for your condo,” is a much more common question than I ever imagined. The next time someone asks me this I might be tempted to say. “Sure, I’ll tell ya but tell me first me first how much you make a year.”

So the new condo ― which for those who are curious but were too afraid to ask, cost more than the current one ― might be ready on time(ish). But since we close on this one at the end of the month, we will still be in an extended-stay hotel for a few weeks. Actually, I’m rather looking forward to hotel living.

I’m still packing and am in awe about how much stuff I own. (I have 11 boxes of books, is that unusual?) But there is a light at the end of the tunnel…soon this will all be over and we’ll be in a clutter-free hotel suite.

And soon (fingers crossed) after that the new condo will be home. I can’t wait to begin unpacking all the junk I have collected over my lifetime. At least there will be twice as much room to arrange it in.

5 thoughts on “It was free…why do you ask?

  1. Trapper

    Do you plan on reading the 11 boxes of books again?

  2. Christine

    Good point, Trapper.
    There were close to 15 boxes at first. I donated many books already — ones that I imagine that I would not read again. Of the ones left, I haven’t read about 10 yet (1 box) and the others I think I will re-read. Besides, a house without books, to my mind, is an unfriendly one.

  3. Christine

    What did you say? I never think quickly enough on my feet to give a witty reply — so I usually just say the figure. But I’m not good at remembering the exact number — so I tend to toss out a number that sounds close. But I always feel weired out by this question when posed by strangers or acquaintances. Or else I lie and say some ridiculously high or low number just for fun.

  4. Christine

    Smart answer! Close friends I personally don’t mind telling — it’s the strangers I find the most odd.

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