Google as a verb

By | July 11, 2005

Who knows why but some people enjoy reaching out to people from high school. If we went to high school together or something, let’s just wait until we see each other in Wal-Mart, ok?

I was much nicer in high school. Now it’s all about the crack. And vodka tonics — but only in the summer. People change.

5 thoughts on “Google as a verb

  1. Tracy

    why can’t this posting include a picture of shoes?

  2. Administrator

    Because they don’t have shoes that I enjoy at Walmart.

  3. Tracy

    Liar. I’ve seen you in shoes from Walmart.

  4. alee

    What if your old high school friends have cool shoes? Would you want them to contact you then?

  5. Christine

    They don’t have cool shoes. I’d be willing to bet on it.

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