bookmark_borderBut that’s not funny!

Bizarro-Clown-Laugh-SupportI like people who like to laugh. Not necessarily “funny” people who crack me up, but rather the kind of people who can appreciate the humour in everyday situations — as well as serious social, political, economic and environmental issues. The sub-prime mortgage crisis, global warming, Stephen Harper’s hair, genetic modified food — all can be funny.

People who laugh easily and often are my people. Folks who want to discuss issues earnestly are fine — don’t get the wrong idea about me. The world badly needs people like that. They probably have lots of fun sharing ideas in serious tones over coffee and PowerPoint presentations. They care.

Me, I care, too. About lots of issues. Really.

But if you can laugh about something that’s difficult and it helps, then we have something in common — so let’s be friends!

bookmark_borderMy fall fashion plan

What I like to wear most often.

I did a pretty big closet purge in the spring and I have a lot fewer clothes in my closet. Not 10 items — not by a long shot. But everything in there now fits. Mind you, I don’t know where this statistic comes from, but in my case it’s true:

“You wear 20 per cent of your clothes
80 per cent of the time.”

In the fall and winter, I most often wear a crisp shirt, a blazer, dark jeans and nice shoes or boots. (In the summer I’m just miserable and wear mostly chinos and polo shirts while I complain that I am too hot). I do need some suits — both summer and winter — and I have those, but they truly are 20 per cent items.

So why don’t I just buy really nice shirts, quality blazers, my favourite brand of jeans and footwear that I love?

Because I’m often swayed by sales, bright colours, vivid patterns or interesting stitching. I (almost) never wear those clothes.

So starting this fall, I have decided to implement a uniform of sorts. From now on, I’m only going to buy things that fit into these categories:

  • Quality blazers — none of the pilling junk I got at the Gap last year.
  • Solid or striped shirts in colours I will actually wear — no bright purple.
  • Jeans that fit me well — sadly, the jeans that I like the best come from
    Sweden and cost too much, but it’s worth it if I love them and they
    fit properly.
  • I am not going to limit myself in the footwear department —  I do wear all the shoes I own and I need an outlet for my love of the (slightly) garish.