bookmark_borderthat 18 year old

In my first year of school we used to have ‘reporting’ days. Days we had to head out at 9 am and have a news story written before 5 pm. I was never great at this find-a-story business. I did graduate, so I must have come up with enough to pass but I hated that feeling of being alone with my notepad looking for something to happen.

The thing is, I was just 19. The whole world was new and I was a just a kid looking for something to write about. I was too young to know anything much less write about anything. Naïveté is not a good starting point for a newspaperwoman.

It did get better and eventually I could call anyone about anything. I still can. It comes in handy.

J-school also knocked me out of my suburban teengirl mindset. It also solidified my love of news. I still am very much a news junkie. But I’m not a jounalist.

And that’s ok, I like reading the news more than I ever liked looking for it. But I still could have ended up doing that. As it turned out, the recession ended up deciding for me. There were few jobs and I ended up going back to school. It turned out fine. I’m happy to be in a career I enjoy.

But sometimes I think: what business did that 18 year old have deciding what I was going to be doing with my adult life? I could have studied so many other things. But the things is, I had no idea what other things I was interested in until much later.

That 18 year old was pretty boring and not very daring. I am so glad those years are behind me. Getting older is good.

I am braver now.

bookmark_borderanother verb

I’ve been professionally involved with web stuff for many years. Not on the technical end — the other end.

I started in the Mosaic days when a blog was a web log and lycos was my search engine of choice. Archie and Veronica were my friends. It was a different place. A pretty fun one too.

Now I’m blogging myself and I can’t believe it’s a verb. I’ve had a site since the mid-90s but this blog business is new and I’m thinking about what to write and what not to write.

So, I am not anonymous here and this site could be professional. I could talk about the latest tidbits from the world of PR. But I don’t really wanna. I’m not sure how exciting a PR blog would be.

I have also been thinking about blog policies. Not for me specifically but in general…what are some of the rules out there?

Yahoo’s (Yahoo!’s?) blogging guidelines are probably pretty standard but this is not going to be a staffer blog (oh, to be a Yahoo) but rather a personal blog. (Note the part about calling PR in the Yahoo guidelines BTW). Topics will be personal (but not too personal since my life is very boring and I would not want to burden my reader) and not work-related.

So that’s it. I am looking forward to drafting little vague tidbits about the things I am thinking about in my spare time. Could be fun.