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The First Circle of Denim Hell (Limbo)

I am not that plump, nor am I that short. But put a little plumpness on a 5’1″ (okay 5′1/2″) package and the result is complete pant vexation. All I want is a pair of boot cut or straight leg jeans that don’t look all bedazzled or goofy. The clincher is that I’d really prefer a petite length.… Read More »

I like you, but do I love you?

Let’s talk about footwear – unless you’d rather discuss the senate scandal. No, footwear is better, especially since I am at an impasse and I have little or nothing to contribute to the senate issue. Today’s pressing issue: I own these boots. I like the way they look, but the sole is a bit worn out and they’re… Read More »