A leaf and a screw…

By | October 26, 2010

On the way to work this morning I slipped on a leaf. Not leaves but on one (1) leaf. Granted it was a wet leaf.

Down I went on my knees — my hands (thanks to my still lightening-fast reflexes) — broke my fall. Ouch.

Later on today I said something very surprising (to both me and my colleagues) in a meeting. It slipped out. I won’t repeat it — suffice it to say the phrase starts with screwed and ends in an expletive. I have no idea where that came from. Extremely atypical.

I blame sore knees interfering with sound judgement.

4 thoughts on “A leaf and a screw…

  1. Tracy

    You should say what you actually said…people aren’t going to know what you mean.

  2. Christine

    I said screwed “somewhere”….I can’t type it….least the blog get blocked by some firewalls. I am shocked I said it in that setting….

  3. Michelle

    Pain will instigate some extreme responses. Rob is exceptionally ornery lately because of his back pain (he is looking over my shoulder so I can’t say more!).

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