breakfast in bed?

By | February 23, 2006

Condos are getting smaller. What passes as a second bedroom in a typical downtown condo is the size of a closet in the lovely community of Brooklin, Ontario. (I should know, I live in a storage closet with a bathroom.)

Take a look at this picture. I have no talent — so trust me — it is not a photoshop effort.

Look at the kitchen. Look at bedroom.

Feet get cold at night? Just pop them in the oven.

Cheap and easy.

2 thoughts on “breakfast in bed?

  1. alee

    they wouldn’t make it if idiots didn’t buy it i guess…

    move to s-ville … no beds in yer kitchen here 🙂

  2. Christine

    That’s the thing, alee…people are buying these! I still can’t believe it. I once went to a model suite and the dresser looked odd. It finally dawned on me later that it was the shallowest dresser in the universe. I think it was made for the model suite. Once you moved in, you’d notice that a regular dresser would never fit. Most condo bedrooms barely fit a double bed. S-ville is lovely … don’t think it does not enter my head three times a week when I am taking a bath in my kitchen.

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