I got my M2(L)

By | July 7, 2008

I woke up very sore this morning. Aching all over but happy.
I spent the weekend at a scooter safety course. If successful, one is licensed (with an M2(L)) after completion.

I was successful. I did lose 2 demerits out of a possible 12. Both demerits were due to going too slowly — not a problem I have while driving a car. In fact, the entire class of 10 people passed — which is quite rare. Five people in the group were strangers but the other five were my friends. We joked that we were going to form our own scooter posse. We can now.

A big congratulations all of us!

I plan to ride Mimi — who is much more pretty than the scooter I learned on, a Yamaha C3 — in non-rush hour situations in the short term. This Sunday, I will ride to the beach.

The cooler on wheels I leanred on...

The cooler on wheels I learned on…
She was heavy and more sturdy than lovely but turned on a dime…

4 thoughts on “I got my M2(L)

  1. Ken

    Congratulations, Christine!!

    (You should definitely form a Scooter Posse.)

  2. Sharon

    Yeahhhhh to us!!!

    Can’t wait to join you for a ride!

    Have fun down on the beaches this weekend.

  3. Christine

    Sharon, you are a scootering super success yourself!!

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