By | August 2, 2005

It’s August already.

But don’t worry: Zellers has it. Stylish BTS gear they want, at prices you’ll love.

back to school time

I love Zellers. But I digress.

Twenty-nine days until September.
Twenty-nine days until September!

I’m am very excited that’s it’s almost BTS time. (BTS? Are the cool kids saying this now?)

I know some parents look forward to the start of school but I’m not a parent. Nor am I in school. Also not a teacher. But for me, autumn comes with a sense of purpose. A new start….(cue music).

Well, not really. What comes to an end is this infernal heat and humidity. And I get to pack away the blasted capri pants. Out come the turtlenecks, jackets and pants that cover my ankles.

Fall can’t get here soon enough. My new boots are waiting.

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    I found this post to be especially insightful and thought-provoking.

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