My fall fashion plan

By | July 31, 2015

What I like to wear most often.

I did a pretty big closet purge in the spring and I have a lot fewer clothes in my closet. Not 10 items — not by a long shot. But everything in there now fits. Mind you, I don’t know where this statistic comes from, but in my case it’s true:

“You wear 20 per cent of your clothes
80 per cent of the time.”

In the fall and winter, I most often wear a crisp shirt, a blazer, dark jeans and nice shoes or boots. (In the summer I’m just miserable and wear mostly chinos and polo shirts while I complain that I am too hot). I do need some suits — both summer and winter — and I have those, but they truly are 20 per cent items.

So why don’t I just buy really nice shirts, quality blazers, my favourite brand of jeans and footwear that I love?

Because I’m often swayed by sales, bright colours, vivid patterns or interesting stitching. I (almost) never wear those clothes.

So starting this fall, I have decided to implement a uniform of sorts. From now on, I’m only going to buy things that fit into these categories:

  • Quality blazers — none of the pilling junk I got at the Gap last year.
  • Solid or striped shirts in colours I will actually wear — no bright purple.
  • Jeans that fit me well — sadly, the jeans that I like the best come from
    Sweden and cost too much, but it’s worth it if I love them and they
    fit properly.
  • I am not going to limit myself in the footwear department — I do wear all the shoes I own and I need an outlet for my love of the (slightly) garish.

BTW — I know the bullets on this post look funny. I’m a writer and CSS is not my friend. I’m on it, though. (Or else I’ll just stop using bullets…not the best plan from a usability standpoint, I realize.)

Update — Bullets are fixed! And not due to any css on my part since that would be a silly waste of three days.

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