Why is my head so fat?

A quick Google search told me that Bliss’s Fat Girl products are not part of a new line, but I don’t go into Sephora very often, so it’s new to me. fat-girl

Now I have not read any peer-reviewed studies on the efficacy of fat-slimming products, but my guess is that they only work in combination with a rigorous diet and exercise plan — and that the plan would work equally well without the addition of the creamy magical thinking in a jar Bliss is selling.

No body shaming big heads included


I’m not going to write about body shaming. That topic has been covered by many people smarter than me.

If I think about it — and frankly I don’t think about it often — the only part of my body that I’d like to shrink is my head. That way I could get my Thomas & Friends hat to fit.


The torture begins

It’s that time of year again.

hot hell.fwThis from the Weather Network

Great Lakes, southern Ontario and southern Quebec

A rather warm summer is expected for most of this region. There will still be periods of cooler weather at times early in the summer, but overall near to above seasonal temperatures will dominate the summer pattern, especially during the second half of the season. While we do not expect this to be an exceptionally hot summer, it will be a distinct change from the past few summers with more thirty-degree days than 2014 and 2015 for places like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Great. Just great.

Rather warm summer? Rather warm summer!

I was having fantasies that our cool spring would mean a less tortuously hot summer. But no. Thanks La Niña.

In related news, it feels good to know I am not alone — several of my family members are commiserating about the heat on Facebook. It’s pretty clear we’re related.