Opening Soon: The Christine Elias Career Museum

My colleague says I could create the Christine Elias Career Museum with the sheer amount of work bumf I have squirreled away in various corners of my office.

Do I need the complete Nortel Visual Identity Guidelines — including the stationery, signage and forms sections? Apparently, yes. Yes, I do.nortel

Of course, people actually remember Nortel.
Who remembers, jobsOntario Training — a skills development and employment program of the Ontario government? Me! It was my first career-type job.

A Cito business card holder? Could you part with some tangible item from your fourth job? If so, you are a stronger person than I could ever be.cito

There’s more stuff around, but I am still in process of cataloging the collection.

My secret calling: weather reporter

I studied broadcast journalism in school, so I can write a short snappy sentence. But I never aspired to be on air. My colleagues tell me that I may have missed my calling: weather reporter.

Not a meteorologist proper, of course — that involves actual atmospheric science and a whole bunch of data analysis. I stopped understanding science of any kind when we got to the semipermeable membrane chapter in high school biology … is that like a half-open door or it is more like a saloon door?

It’s not like I enjoy weather. I hate being too hot — or too cold — I am happiest in the chilly delight of mid-autumn.

Enjoying beautiful Hawaii.
There are ways to make unbearable heat more palatable…
Enjoying lovely Ottawa.
Getting ready for some outdoor winter fun in Rosseau.
My happy place — sweater weather in New York. There’s a narrow window of the weather I enjoy. The rest of the year — about 9 months on average — I am (more obsessed than usual about) monitoring the precise weather conditions we can expect that hour, day or week. I check several sources daily and compare forecasts. (Environment Canada, the weather app on my phone, the Weather Network on Twitter and several others!)
  • I need to know the Humidex — will I be weeping all day? Should I stay inside in the A/C?
  • I need to know the Windchill — will it be a scarf and hat day? Do I need to wear my balaclava?
  • Will it rain? — I need to know whether it’s an umbrella day, a rain hat day (yes I have a rain hat), or a raincoat and rain shoes (have those, too) day.
  • Will it snow? — can I wear regular boots or do I need to get out the heavy insulated ones?

So yeah, I am very informed about current and pending weather conditions.

Tomorrow we’re expecting a high of 9°C with a mix of sun and clouds and there’s a 30 per cent change of rain. Pretty much a perfect day!