The torture begins

It’s that time of year again.

hot hell.fwThis from the Weather Network

Great Lakes, southern Ontario and southern Quebec

A rather warm summer is expected for most of this region. There will still be periods of cooler weather at times early in the summer, but overall near to above seasonal temperatures will dominate the summer pattern, especially during the second half of the season. While we do not expect this to be an exceptionally hot summer, it will be a distinct change from the past few summers with more thirty-degree days than 2014 and 2015 for places like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Great. Just great.

Rather warm summer? Rather warm summer!

I was having fantasies that our cool spring would mean a less tortuously hot summer. But no. Thanks La Niña.

In related news, it feels good to know I am not alone — several of my family members are commiserating about the heat on Facebook. It’s pretty clear we’re related.



Hey you, kid! Get off my lawn.

The garden is pretty right? Pride swells my chest despite the fact that I have actually nothing to do with this stunning sliver of urban colour. (I am happy to share the name of the company that makes it happen, though.)

Pretty, right? Pretty temping more like it!

We are not the only ones who are mesmerized by the flora (and thankfully very little fauna) in front of our home.

Last week, I spied a kid from down the street (I swear that family has like 6 kids) picking some flowers. The flower thief (estimated age around 9) was all casual like — choosing the blossoms carefully. Only the very best would do, obviously.

I was debating popping outside and saying something like: “Excuse me young lady (or maybe hey you, kid!) Please don’t pick the flowers, it hurts them.” But I zipped it as I don’t want to be known as that mean lady down the street.

Some friends with kids suggested it probably would have been a good idea to say something firm, yet polite. Some even suggested engaging the kid in some flower planting activities (they perhaps thought I touch the soil or something), but I am not so sure Thomas (our garden magician) would go for that

That was not my first run in with the local youngsters. I also got hit with a runaway kite. One of the other kids was attempting — and failing — to fly a kite while on a scooter. I got beaned in the chest as he whizzed by on the sidewalk. But I actually found that funny. Kids having fun is nice in the neighbourhood — as long as they stay off my lawn!

Not to worry. I have no intention of disrupting the neighbourhood harmony.
Not to worry. I have no intention of disrupting the neighbourhood harmony.